Mini Stock Division Records

Division's 1st Winner: Gary Ousterhout, May 9, 2004

Total Races: 447

Total Winners: 84

Lap Record: Cole Lawton, 16.133, May 20, 2016

Most Wins In A Season: Kerrie Hollenbeck, 13 Wins In 2009

Most Wins In A Row: Kerrie Hollenbeck, 8 Wins In 2009

The Cruiser Division got its start in 2004 when Custom Bob Neimitz wanted to run big cars on the 1/4 mile. A little smaller in size at the time, the track provided some tight racing. With so many variations of manufacturers being used in the division, management had to split the division into Foreign, 4-Cyl, & 6-Cyl. From there it moved to American made cars only 4 or 6 Cyl. Today it is mostly American made 4-Cyl cars only.